Saturday, November 24, 2012

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park

Natural Stone Bridge and Caves Park is located in northern New York, near the border with Canada.

02. Frankly, imagination painted a slightly different picture of a natural bridge.

03. In reality, at this point the river goes underground turning into an underground stream.

04. Unfortunately, the water is not flowing, and remains in place. Therefore, it has a brownish color.

05. However, this is a very interesting place.

06. In addition to the natural bridge, there is something to see.

07. Puzzling land-forms:

08. There are also small caves and underground rivers which flow.

09. The park built to ensure that tourists leave satisfied with what they saw.

10. Such formations in these caves:

11. Another cave:

12. Day was not wasted - Many discoveries and a great time.

View New York State in a larger map


  1. You have a real gift with the lense. I'm enjoying your blog. Cheers for following mine. Take care.

  2. This is an amazing place........great photos!



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