Saturday, November 24, 2012

Chimney Bluffs State Park, Ontario Lake

Chimney Bluffs State Park is located on the southern shore of  Ontario Lake in northern New York.

02. The shore of  Lake Ontario. There, in the distance, Chimney Bluffs is visible. The name Ontario comes from the native Indian tribe's word for "Beautiful water".

03. There are two paths to the Chimney Bluffs - one on the shore of the lake, and the other through the forest. We chose the shore - The lake is a miracle .

04. This is newly-fallen tree. It feels like the lake takes away pieces of land every day.

05. Cliffs of sand, soil erosion is very noticeable. If I was to visit this place after a few years, this sculpture would be totally unrecognizable  

06.  Like a rhino, drinking water from the lake:

07. Amazing colors everywhere, even in sand.

08. This bluff was the first photo of this post.

09. Unique landscapes of this park:

10. Piece of a ship?

11. The state park ends here:

12. If you have time after your walk on the shore,

13. Go back on the upper trail above the cliffs.

14. Ontario - the smallest lake of the Great Lakes of North America is about 310 km long, has an area of about ​​19.5 km2, and a depth of up to 236 m.

15. Landscapes are unique:

16. The path for the most daring:

17. Lake is of glacial origin so the ground beneath it is still rising.

18. Therefore, the northern and southern shores of the lake suffer from erosion of the coastline.

19. Many wonderful places in the world. One of them - Lake Ontario.

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