Friday, November 23, 2012

Stony Brook State Park

Stony Brook State Park is located in the north eastern United States, in the Finger Lakes area. It has the characteristic landscape of this region but at the same time it is unique and beautiful.

02. The beginning of the trail: 

03. The trail is a climb up along the river:

04. It is felt, how small people are in this world:

05. Bridge comes around the bend:
06.  Trail of the park:

07. Wonderful rock formations are right over your head.

08. Another bridge appears in the distance:

09. Near the water, it is always lovely.

10. This natural jacuzzi is not very expensive. 

11. Every detail is unique in the park.

12. View from the bridge:
13.In the distance, the first waterfall appears  In this area there are so many waterfalls that I can only give you the names of the greatest. I have never seen the name of this waterfall, so let's call it by its location: Lower Falls.

14. Waterfall is so smooth that it seems like nature made ​​it using a ruler.

15.  Appearance when viewed from the top of the waterfall:

16. The lower waterfall offers the following view:

17. Middle Falls:

18.  Gorge of Middle Falls: 
19. Further along the trail:
20. Calm.

21. You can sit and listen to the music of water.

22. And if you include the wind, the birds, and the rustle of the leaves - you can listen to a whole orchestra!

23. Upper Falls:

24. Tired? No! In such places, you can feel the energy filling your body. I just did not want to leave! But the Upper Falls marks the completion of the route - we had to return.
25.As the sun warmed, people woke up. On the way back, the park did not look so romantic. The park looks good only very early in the morning or very late at night -  only when you can be alone with nature.

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