Sunday, December 9, 2012

Staten Island Ferry

What makes the great metropolis of New York City a unique and special city? It is hard to say, but it has thousands of unique events, one of which is the Staten Island Ferry.

02. If you make a one-day car trip to Manhattan, it makes sense to use this ferry. A ferry ride is free - There is no need to drive in the city of New York, with its crazy traffic and parking problems.

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You can park your car near the ferry terminal or on surrounding streets. On weekends parking there is free.
This photo shows the ferry terminal.  

03. Boarding the ferry using four pathways:

04. The interior of the ferry is modest, but this is not a tourist ship. On weekdays, the ferry to Manhattan gives employees of  Staten Island and the surrounding area inexpensive transporation.

05. It is difficult to say on what date the ferry began. In the 18th century, ships set sail on this route to transport goods and people. And then, gradually changing to keep up with technological advances, ferries began to sail these waters.

06. The trip takes about half an hour.

07. Sightseeing began with this ship:

08. Verrazano Bridge connects the banks of the Hudson River.

09. Slowly but surely, we were approaching the southern coast of Manhattan.

10. If you are already in New York, and in particular in the southern part of Manhattan, you can safely ride on the ferry, and be impressed by this view. However, on arrival to Staten Island, you will be asked to get off the ferry.
This map shows the landing for the ferry in Manhattan.

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  1. What beautiful views of the city, I would love to go and visit :)

  2. Interesting post Boris,with great photos. I'm surprised to see that the ferry is the colour of New York taxis......but then it would be an obvious choice! I like the Statue of Liberty image,lovely light.


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