Monday, December 24, 2012

Fort Delaware State Park

At the mouth of the Delaware River, on the island of Pea Patch, there is a monument to the Civil War - Fort Delaware. The fort was built in 1815 to protect the cities of Philadelphia and Wilmington from a sea attack. The fort was controlled by the Department of Defense until 1945, when it was no longer needed to protect civilians. In 1951, the fort was created a state park.

02. You can get to Fort by a  ferry from Delaware City (Delaware) or from the opposite side of the river - from Fort Mott State Park (New Jersey). This photo is of  the dock in New Jersey.
I can not say which way is better as I only used the New Jersey side. However, the New Jersey way was OK - large parking lot, no charge for road and bridge, and you can also take a walk and see its military facilities in Fort Mott as you wait for the ferry.

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03. Sailing to the island by ferry. The island's name is Pea Patch. They say, once upon a time a cargo ship  carrying peas wrecked itself on the island. Peas scattered and then began to grow rapidly. This is where the name of the island comes from.

04. The dock on the island as we leave the ferry:

05. And in this trailer we were taken to the fort.

06. Through the reeds,  you can see the structure of the fort.

07. In the fort you meet historical figures of the 19th century. The fort runs on schedule - mostly Friday-Saturday-Sunday. From May to October. The schedule can be found on the website of  Delaware Parks.

08. Your inspection of the interior can be individual or in a group. These girls will accompany the group.

09. Guided tours for groups, you can hear a lot of interesting information about the history of this place.

10. View of the life of the 19th century. In the photo, there is a  room for the garrison. Most soldiers and officers lived modestly.

11. You can examine the territory of the fort yourself after the guided tour.

12. No time limits. You only need to remember the time of departure of the last ferry.

13. There is always something to see. It is interesting for both children and adults.

14. This place was rather gloomy. At the time of this fort's use, this area was used to hold prisoners of war.

15. On days when the fort is open - various activities are carried out, a list of which can also be found on the Parks of Delaware website.

16. Interesting place. This fort has an aura, typical for such historic sites.

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