Thursday, November 22, 2012

Watkins Glen State Park

A Natural Wonder, Watkins Glen State Park, is located near the town Watkins Glen in the state of  New York. The town itself is located near Seneca Lake, which in turn is part of a group of lakes named the Finger Lakes.

2. Entrance to the park is free, but you must pay for the parking if you don't like to look for a free spot.

3.  This view is from the bridge at the entrance. For millennia, the water cut through the stone to create this wonder.

4. And to create such intricate patterns!

5.  Moving to the waterfall named Cavern Cascade.

6. Sam falls is the first photo of this blog, and this is the view from that waterfall looking out at the canyon.

7. Another view from the Cavern Cascade Falls's observation deck.

8.  We pass under a waterfall.

9. A winding trail leads us up until we are above the Cavern Cascade.

10. Scenery of the park and its intricate gorge.

11. At this point, the trail runs along the hanging bridges over the canyon.

12. Gorge cut by water:

13.  Central Cascade waterfall:

14.  Taking photographs in the canyon is difficult. Next to a sunny position there is often a place in the shade.

15. Rainbow Waterfall:

16.  Under Rainbow waterfall:

17.  The place is very beautiful, so I took pictures from all sides.

18.  Bizarre formations:
19.  Canyon and the trail:

20.  The trail goes up and up. 800 steps to the top, not counting the angled dirt tracks.

21.  Bridge Mail Point. All the infrastructure is surprisingly integrated into the landscape very harmoniously.

22.  This is a photo from under the bridge:

23.  After the bridge, the stream begins to flow calmly.

24.  After the noise of rushing water in the canyon, there is peace and quiet
 25.  Here the trail ends:

26.  If you manage to get on the bridge,

28.  then such a view will be waiting for you in return.

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  1. Awesome scenery! These rock formations are amazing,it's interesting how the water and rock patterns often follow the same waves.
    The boys look very serious........I hope they enjoyed the visit!



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