Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Gulf Stream

Can one take a picture of an ocean stream? Unfortunately, it would be difficult to create the contours that would make the image clear. Nature has hidden many beautiful forces from us. Imagine how interesting it would be to be able to see wind blowing through a tree's leaves or sunlight enter through a window.   

But it turns out, under certain environmental conditions -it is possible to capture this unique natural phenomenon. An ocean stream:

This possibility exists in the winter, when the air temperature is low. As the Gulf Stream carries warm water from the Gulf of Mexico, a significant temperature difference between the air and water is created. Over this warm current is steam:

Clearly visible boundary currents. Where the water is cold, there is no heat flow. There is only a calm ocean.

The beginning of the Gulf Stream is a place north of the Bahamas, where the Florida Current (which comes out of the Gulf through the straits between Florida and Cuba) merges with the Antilles Current (flowing north from  Puerto Rico).
From Florida, the Gulf Stream flows along the U.S. East Coast to North Carolina, where it turns in the direction of Western Europe. Because of this, Western Europe has warmer weather than other regions of the same latitude.

Photos in this post were made ​​while cruising from Baltimore to Florida and the Bahamas, and about which you can read here

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  1. Hello Boris!
    I love observing cloud and wave formations and noting the similarities in their formation.Your photos have captured beautifully the energy of the sea.Pretty good to be able to view from this protected platform.
    Maybe the boys were dreaming of being on a sailing ship!



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