Monday, July 1, 2013

Bonsai. Longwood Garden Collection.

Bonsai is an ancient art of growing plants in containers to represent mature plants found in nature. With Japanese bonsai translated as "grown in a tray." This photo album is a collection of bonsai Longwood Garden.
  Bonsai originated in China, has been further developed in Japan, and today is popular all over the world.

The bonsai display at Longwood was started in 1959 with the purchase of 13 specimens. Longwood now has over 40 deciduous and evergreen plants. Several original bonsai remain, along with additional plants that have been acquired over the years. During November several examples of chrysanthemum bonsai are put on display.
In the first picture messages - Hinoki False Cypress. ( Chamaecyparis Obtusa ).

In the photo below Dwarf Japanese Garden Juniper. ( Juniperus procumbens "Nana" )Training begun in 1966.

The age indicated on the label for each of the individual bonsai indicates the year training began on that particular bonsai. It is not an indication of the biological age of the plant. When a plant is selected for bonsai training, it may be in any stage of its life: a tiny seedling or old tree. In some cases, the actual age of the plant is not known. For bonsai, age is not the most important quality. The shape of  the plant determines its true character, also reflecting the skill and knowledge of the gardener. In the true tradition of bonsai, it is the combined beauty of the plant and container, the "overall aesthetic," that is most important.

Crape Myrtle. ( Lagerstroemia indica ). Training started in 1993.

Japanese Zelkova(  Zelkova serrata ).  Training begun in 1909.

Chinese Elm. ( Ulmus parvifolia ).  Training begun in 1929.

Pomegranate. ( Punica granatum ).   Training begun in 1960`s.

Japanese Black Pine. ( Pinus thunbergii ).  Training begun in 1949.

Pomegranate. ( Punica granatum ).  Training begun in 1910.

Bald Cypress. ( Taxodium distichum).  Training begun in 1988.

Azalea. ( Rhododendron )

Ginkgo.  ( Ginkgo biloba ). Training begun in 1909.

Trident Maple.  ( Aser buergerianum). Training begun in 1975.

Japanese Black Pine. ( Pinus thunbergii ). Training begun in 1975.

Loose Flower Hornbeam. ( Carpinus laxiflora ). Training begun in 1990

Longwood's bonsai are part of a year-round display. Unlike bonsai groomed to look perfect for several days during a competition or show, the specimens in this greenhouse are on display every day of the year under constant training and maintenance.
A working display allows visitors to examine pruning and wiring techniques as well as observing plant forms in every season.

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  1. An interesting selection you've shown us. I've always had the feeling that this is cruelty to trees......but they are very beautiful,especially 12 and 14. Our neighbour has quite a few on his patio!



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